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An independent agency with numerous original ideas and practical solutions for post-digital communication.
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Brand building

We create a brand image at any stage of brand’s development. It is very often that we create it from scratch – starting from developing its DNA, defining its unique features and supporting values. After all, they are important both to the brand and to its customers.
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Comprehensive service

From strategic consulting, through creation development, to brand ecosystem management – this is how we work. We provide advice whenever needed, we create together and execute projects together. Partnership is the word describing our relations with clients – simply because we always share the same goals.
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Integrated campaigns

Our projects are always thought out and based on carefully selected plethora of media and other means. This is our way of establishing an authentic and solid contact with the client. The focal point of our activities, performed simultaneously on many channels, is the brand or its products that will be well remembered by a consumer. And it doesn’t matter where they met.
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Social media

It is a must if a brand wants to be relevant. We offer an extensive social media department that works with brands on different social media platforms. We know how to plan a strategy for brand’s presence in media and we know how to successfully implement it. For years, we have been helping our clients to establish authentic relations and bonds with their recipients.
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Gaming is more than entertainment. It’s a dynamic world in which a brand may find its place and spark community engagement. We create strategies that attract players' attention and build long lasting relationships with the brand. Thanks to our knowledge of this entire universe, we help our clients build unique experiences that appeal to gamers, engage them and inspire.
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Web environment development

An extensive web environment which is created and then developed in accordance with client’s nature and needs, is very often a main platform of communication-related goals. With many years of experience, we can successfully plan, design and create websites, and in the next step, develop and implement a relevant content.
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UX and research

It is very important to adjust a website or mobile application to client’s needs, and we are well aware of it. For this reason, for many years we continue to expand our User Experience expertise. This makes our product useful and valuable, but most of all – functional and with intuitive navigation.
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Video production

Video production left TV and movie theaters a long time ago. Now everybody can become a recipient and an author. Brands desire to effectively explore this method of communication at all available levels. And we are here to help, thanks to our expertise which we constantly expand. Hundreds of various commercial videos we created speak for themselves. They can be seen both in the Internet and on the TV screen.
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Content marketing

Creating content that fulfills brand’s needs is our daily bread. We can precisely plan its distribution, in order to successfully reach the target group. Our experts prepare tailored content, and whether it’s a text, a video, an audio, an infographic or a picture, it’s always created with our strategic brand-recipients communication approach in mind.
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A good website must have it all. It should be visually appealing, and intuitive when it comes to navigation. Its content should be valuable and often enable purchasing options. Not forgetting to mention an easy management and compatibility with all types of media, browsers or screens. Many years of experience in designing and developing websites make us experts on meeting all criteria and needs our clients may have.
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Activations and lotteries

There are many ways to improve consumer engagement. We know which solutions are the best choice for a brand in order to be noticed on the market. We planned and implemented many successful activations, contests and lotteries – with brand’s goal always in the center of our attention.
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Automation and CRM

Our roots are in technology and IT. We understand their development, we follow the latest trends in service automation or using artificial intelligence in marketing and business. We can develop and implement CRM that will improve the process of managing relations between clients and their service recipients. Marketing automation makes the brand-recipient communication far more successful.
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Media and performance marketing

Days when there was a clear distinction between agencies and media houses are gone. Today we can develop a campaign from A to Z, but we can also plan media and effectively manage client’s media budget. All of it is possible thanks to tools which are provided by platforms like Google or Facebook.

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