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Sephora – full service

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Hundreds of designed contents every month? Nothing is impossible for us. This is how we take care of Sephora's presence on Facebook and Instagram. Our tasks do not end here. We also plan media buying in order to effectively reach the set goals. We manage the relationship with the community, and we are at the post all week, from morning to evening - ready to answer any question or request from users. We organize competitions and appreciate the community's commitment. We work with influencers well suited to Sephora and its products. We prepare dedicated reports, thoroughly analyze the metrics, as well as the activities of the competition - the data obtained allows us to strengthen our effectiveness. We combine business with pleasure - we build commitment and reach, while emphasizing the image of the Sephora network as the most inspiring brand that brings together beauty and fashion fans.
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E.Wedel Creative Instagram

Special Actions Influencer marketing On-going Communication
It is obvious that Instagram users expect a specific quality of content, and posts from brands do not always effectively respond to these needs. Therefore, together with E. Wedel, we decided to entrust the creation of content to imaginative creators, which fits perfectly into the long tradition of cooperation between the brand and artists. Month after month, communication on Instagram was taken over by Instagram creators who conducted thematic cycles in their characteristic style. Food was taken care of by K. Polkowska, autumn hygge was assigned to mag_gypsy, alabasterfox took care of the Holidays, olomanolo_blog took up the subject of parenting, and life.catchers posted about everyday pleasures. Results? Content is now perfectly suited to the platform and naturally exhibits the brand's products.
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Safe banking with Citi Handlowy

Analytics Community Management Advertising Campaigns Media buying
An exceptional situation requires a quick and adequate response. During the pandemic outbreak, Citi Handlowy immediately responded to the completely new conditions that many clients suddenly had to face. The Citi Specials program, full of attractive offers dedicated to credit card holders, has also been adapted to this situation. Our Golden Crew helped to implement the project. We created key visual based on the brand's characteristic graphic design, we also prepared an awareness campaign on Facebook, called Bank safely with Citi Handlowy, which directed to a dedicated website. The main goal of the campaign was to encourage customers to #stayhome and use solutions that let them take care of everything online. Thanks to the quick response, we did not notice any downtime in communication, and we were able to respond to the new needs of the recipients.
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Mix and match

Community Management Advertising Campaigns Contest and Special Actions
As part of developing the concept of a campaign for digital and social media relaunching Nescafe 3in1, we have prepared a unique campaign on Facebook. In the "Collect sachets, get 3 socks" promotion, users could exchange receipts they received during the purchase of 10 Nescafe 3in1 sachets for a code for unique socks created in cooperation with Many Mornings. Participants could get not a pair, but three dedicated socks with coffee design. During our two-month promotion, we received thousands of applications. The campaign was so popular, we decided to add an additional pool of codes for all thirsty participants.
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Mango Shake Marshmallows and Caffe Frappe

Advertising Campaigns Nonstandard formats
We are the first to test new formats available on social media. When we were able to check the effectiveness of the video survey on Facebook before it was shared with other advertisers, we knew that it would be perfect for the new E. Wedel campaign. As part of our action, we invited users to explore the world of two flavors, and we presented a simple recipe: how to mix a milk shake. Thanks to the questionnaire embedded in the video advertisement, we were able to ask users about their favorite summer refreshments - giving them option to choose between freezing marshmallows or preparing a delicious marshmallow shake. The format was tailored to an ad audience ready to interact with the content. The result was a unique user experience that strengthened the message of the entire campaign.
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Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka Black – permanent service

Analytics Community Management Advertising Campaigns On-going Communication Contest and Special Actions Social Customer Care Strategy Media buying
Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka Black is a unique vodka created with attention to detail. Communication on Facebook had to be adequate, and we knew that pack shots in combination with photos from Stock wouldn’t do it justice. That is why we set up an unusual photo session ... Or actually three of them. We took photos in three locations: in the Białowieża Forest, at Polmos Białystok and in an elegant bar. The creators of this unique beverage took part in the campaign, while the brand ambassador, the titled bartender Dawid Bujar, posed behind the bar. In communication on Facebook we used tasteful, black and white static shots and short films. Everything to meet the expectations of the demanding brand community. There is more: we also organized an unusual Facebook contest. In order to get to know the task, the participants had to find "aging" codes on the profile. Every day we hid a new one in a comment under one of the previous posts. As a result, everyone involved in the campaign engaged into much deeper interaction with the brand's content, than just a contest-related post.
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These are still not all the projects we have in our portfolio! On our blog, we constantly describe case studies of projects that we have implemented.
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