What are the fields of our activity?


We like to know where we are heading, that is why every action is based on a predetermined scenario. We work with our strategy department and together we develop the most effective action plan - regardless of whether we are dealing with a tactical campaign or on-going communication.

Advertising campaigns

Campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are our specialty, but we are also familiar with advertising systems on LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest and Snapchat. In total, we have already conducted nearly 10,000 campaigns.

Media buying

We are able to predict promotion costs and allocate the budget between the channels where the brand’s presence will bring the greatest benefits. The Reach & Frequency purchase model on Facebook is permanently included in our activities. We also work with partners of popular social channels and have access to non-standard advertising formats.

On-going communication

Currently, we conduct regular on-going activities for over a dozen clients. The frequency of communication always results from the strategy and current needs. We have extensive experience in conducting intense activities on Facebook and Instagram. In total, we create over 500 content per month for various channels and social networking sites.

Influencer marketing

Cooperation with influencers is our everyday life. We plan, supervise, and evaluate those projects. Our team includes a person who is responsible for influencer marketing: project supervision, running an influencer database, and taking care of relationships. We conduct regular activities with influencers for over a dozen clients. With some influencers we have established a cooperation on a permanent basis (on-going communication), and with others it is a one-time action (minimum once a quarter). Mostly we work with influencers representing the beauty, gaming, entertainment, and culinary categories.

Community Management

We recognize that communication with the community is a very responsible task, and it is a crucial pillar of our activities. Our team of moderators is at our clients’ disposal, and they provide daily, evening and weekend moderation. Community Manager supervises the work of the team, takes care of development, and ensures an appropriate flow of information. For several clients, we perform activities with a short response time throughout the week. We conduct weekend moderation for several clients. We have experience in crisis management - a challenge we face at least once a month.

Social Customer Care

Consumer relationship management is much more than replying to messages and comments. Our community care is enriched with monitoring and analysis of mentions / messages - to better understand the needs of recipients and more effectively respond to their expectations. We know when it pays to engage a chatbot - then we analyze its operation on an ongoing basis and improve communication paths. We are also great at non-standard activities - we have already sent personalized gifts, letters, and shared user stories on profiles.

Internet and Social Media Monitoring

We check on regular basis how our customers are being perceived on the Internet and Social Media. We analyze activities of the competition and recognize the needs of current consumers. For us, monitoring is an essential tool in solving crisis situations. We work mainly with SentiOne, but we also have experience in using tools such as Brand24 or Radarly.

Contests and Special Actions

For many clients, we conduct various contests once a month or at least once a quarter. We use both simple mechanisms, such as "post a photo/comment", and more complex solutions, for example, find a secret code "hidden" in one of the archival posts on Facebook. We also employ a chatbot for competitions. Additionally, we carry out special actions in cooperation with influencers.


Data analysis is an important pillar of our activities. We take a closer look at the effects of all activities and do not rely solely on one source. We use the available tabs with statistics and additional analytical tools: SoTrender, Socialbakers, Sprinklr, Facebook Analytics, Google Analytics.


We are happy to help brands assess the effectiveness of their previously conducted actions. We analyze the presence in social media, and we also take campaigns into account. We check advertising accounts, profiles, competition activity, and verify the current needs of the target group. All of it together helps us to get a complete picture of the brand's activities, and that is the basis for us to prepare our recommendations.


We share our knowledge and gladly answer questions related to our competences we mentioned above. We work with other departments of our company in order to prepare the most complete answer.
The implementation of projects in the discussed areas can be found in our portfolio.
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